Steward, Possess, and Occupy in 2018 – Scott McElroy – Tulsa, OK – Kingdom Rain Church

Scott McElroy from Kingdom Rain Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma takes us into what the year 2018 will be. We are to steward the portion God has given us so that we can have the authority to overthrow Iniquitous Thrones in our cities and nations! read more →

First Fruits is God’s Grace… ~ Mary Beth McElroy

…and Principle to Overcome Thorns and Thistles Curse Every offering typified Jesus in some manner & He is our Firstfruits. Everytime we celebrate Firstfruits, we celebrate Jesus. Every time we celebrate Firstfruits we proclaim that Jesus resisted temptation, then with Him, prophetically we resist what Adam and Eve succumbed to in the garden. We give.. read more →

What is Mammon and How It Relates to First Fruits ~ Mary Beth McElroy

  God is now ready to deliver us from mammon. Mammon is that which brings wealth through the world’s systems. It is controlled by satan & gives vent to all sorts of unrestrained desires & lusts, it gives place to the unquenchable desire for more, that insatiable desire for more with little or no concern.. read more →

Merry Christmas!!! ~ Mary Beth McElroy

Merry Christmas   This week God has impressed on our hearts over and over again these words:   I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  I AM the Light in every circumstance, situation, challenge, victory, expectation, finances, relationships, health, business, revelation and prophecy. Light alwasy overcomes darkness. See now from the light and your perspective will.. read more →

Why First Fruits ~ Mary Beth McElroy Part 1 of 3

Rosh Kodesh, Hebrew for “First Fruits” is a way to begin the new month by joining together to praise & honor God. Rosh Kodesh is an expression of the principle of First Fruits. The New Testament calls them “new moon festivals.” Paul didn’t say don’t observe them. He said don’t let anyone condemn you for.. read more →

What’s God Saying for 2015 ~ Mary Beth McElroy

It is a whirlwind of my glory coupled with the river of God. Doors of old are closing and new mantles are being released. Angelic Forces are beginning to move in healing with you. This new mantle is formed for My people. This is a Divine Turnaround year. Last year was the year and time.. read more →


ENOUGH; I AM DELIVERING MY PEOPLE FROM UNDER OPPRESSION May 20, 2014 Mary Beth McElroy The Lord said this morning that there is an ancient spirit of oppression that has been the assignment of the enemy on His people, families, ministries, businesses, etc. He says it is like a dark cloud that continues to press down on.. read more →

Armor ~ By Andrea Tapp

As an idolatrous act is committed there is a curse being released into the earth. As a natural response we as believers have been taught to just use your words and break it and it will be gone. The Lord taught me that the armor He gave us in Ephesians 6 is an allegory to know.. read more →

June 18 Update

June 18, 2012 Dear Kingdom Rain, What an incredible Night with the Lord! God said He gave us “His Wealth” last night in revelation of preparation of the Days ahead. The Spirit of God moving through the body of Christ to weave together “His Tapestry” for His people to see! Cast off the spirit of.. read more →

18 Jun 2012
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Having Done All to Stand

First Fruits, the month of Kislev was celebrated on Friday night. It was a night where the atmosphere began to shift! Yes, again! It is a month of visions and dreams. A month of new strategy for the war ahead. It is a month therefore to hit the mark! read more →

29 Dec 2011
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