15 Jan 2015

What’s God Saying for 2015 ~ Mary Beth McElroy

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It is a whirlwind of my glory coupled with the river of God. Doors of old are closing and new mantles are being released. Angelic Forces are beginning to move in healing with you. This new mantle is formed for My people.

This is a Divine Turnaround year. Last year was the year and time of deliverance. You got delivered from something that was tormenting you. This year is the gain for the pain of the deliverance.

No more delay! Spirit of Procrastination has been broken off of this generation and it is the day that Heaven’s Champions are watching. This is the Time God is calling forth “courage” from you again.

2015 is a time to celebration and rest after victory after harvest. overturn, overthrow, turn around, transform or be reversed., GRACE, and an Epiphany year.

Moving into a season of Divine Reversal. Year of Great Boomerang against the enemy.

Esther 9:25 moment. Decree from the King (King Jesus) that the evil schemes of the enemy will come back on him and his cohorts heads.

God is saying Every plan that has been devised of the enemy will boomerang against him. We will see harvest like we have never seen before.

Duet 23:5 Balaam’s curse was turned into blessing because God loves them.
Jeremiah Turn morning into great joy.

Greek Word 2015 (Epi phonea) is where we get Epiphany. Conspicuous. To shine from, light, revelation. That which has been in darkness is released and unveiled and revealed, manifestation, to become visible or known. It is a word that talks about God’s grace being revealed. Word that speaks of the Epiphany of Grace and Love. His Grace and love appearing. Figurative word which means memorable, or notable; to exhibit or bring forth revelation. God will reveal things that He has kept in hiding not because we have not been ready but now we have entered into a season of the full release of divine strategies. It is not that you haven’t been able to hear it is just that God is ready to reveal. As He is bringing forth revelation God is bringing an epiphany to turn the curse from the enemy. What God has been birthing over the last years is now gaining strategies to implement what has been birthed.

Year of ABSOLUTE: God is saying: I am the only Absolute and you in Me are Absolute. Complete, total, entire, perfect, pure, not mixed or adulterated, free from restriction or limitation, unrestrained. The exercise of Governmental power.

The “Reality of God” year. The Reality Church is awakening and arising. You are the Reality Church. The reality of the Kingdom will explode in the Earth Realm.

God is saying: The Reproach is being rolled off of My People. They will see and experience the Good News. A new sound is being released to bring forth Good news of the Kingdom. ( Media mountain will be filled with the fear of the Lord and His Good news.)

Old things are being made new; A mantle from heaven has fallen and covering the earth with NEW.

New Level of Apostolic Grace. Grace is being distributed. This grace is taking gifting of God to a new measure spiritually and physically. Abounding GRACE. Abundant Grace.

Kingdom of God revealed on Earth. What been warred for in the spiritual over the last 10 years will now become manifest in the physical. New measure of Divine Ability to tap into the manifestation of God’s Kingdom. God’s putting a demand of the manifestation of His Son on this earth.

Divine Favor: wind of Grace and the Wind of the Spirit are arising to put God’s Apostolic Company advancing the will and plan of God.

Season to go after God with all your heart, with all your zeal and all that you are. Time to be totally centered in Him. As you are in this position with Him, you will be totally and crazy in love with Holy Spirit. This will put you in love with others and in love with all that He has for you to do and be on the earth.

God says “I am creating New Circuits” God is BREAKING Himself out of US!

Gold dust fell in the last season but now you are the gold. Your hands have turned to gold.

You’ve been given a Boarding Pass for this season. GRAB it! Take it! Go where He takes you.

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