11 May 2013

Armor ~ By Andrea Tapp

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As an idolatrous act is committed there is a curse being released into the earth. As a natural response we as believers have been taught to just use your words and break it and it will be gone. The Lord taught me that the armor He gave us in Ephesians 6 is an allegory to know how to use the armor against the spiritual realm surrounding us. We have been taught that the armor is protection, which it is, but when one thinks of putting on the armor they are ready in their spirit to fight and be in a tough place of contention with the enemy. The armor is an allegory to show us how the principles of the Kingdom are applied like protective armor so that we don’t even feel the effects of the enemy.

This is what I am learning… When we see a curse or a fight come our way this is what to do:

First, we know that Judah goes first! So, we put on a garment of praise and that is the linen under our armor. When a spirit of heaviness begins to come on you, you praise! (Isaiah 61:3).

Then you put on the armor. Ephesians 6:11-24

The first part of the allegory is the belt of truth. When the enemy begins to come your way with a curse or heaviness, first praise and then seek the truth, find the truth behind the curse or lie, and stand on this truth! This is a really important part to exposing the enemies tactics.

Then he shows us the breastplate of righteousness. The breastplate covers your heart. So after you praise and know the truth behind the lie, you stand in a place where you know that you’re in right standing with Yahweh and this gives you courage and strength. When you know that you are in right standing, through righteousness, with the King of Heaven you have incredible courage and your heart is protected. The emotional trauma you could potentially go through from the curse is now covered by righteousness, right standing with Yahweh!

So right now the curse/lie has come our way and first we praise, then we find the truth behind the lie, then we cover our hearts knowing we are in right standing with Yahweh and we have great courage and confidence. We are building up who we are in Him!

Next our feet are fit with peace. When we know the truth and are encouraged that we are covered by Yahweh, you WILL walk in peace! You are no longer walking in fear, but true peace. And wherever your feet carry you, you will be in a place of peace.

Then it says: ABOVE ALLTake the shield of faith by which you will be able to quench the fiery darts of the evil one. So when the enemy shoots out those fiery darts through others , they can be words of hate or gossip, actions of rebellion or rejection, your job is to take up your shield of FAITH and cover yourself from those darts. What does that mean? Faith is believing the truth that He already showed you earlier and believing that Yahweh is who He says He is. This is not a difficult step once you already know the truth! The Shield is mounted on your belt of Truth.

Put on the helmet of salvation. This is more than just knowing that you are saved, but salvation is a wholeness to your spirit, soul and body. It is knowing that you are saved, healed and delivered in your entire being. This means any trauma or sickness to your body is also made whole. Know that you are whole when you have on the helmet of salvation.

Next, take up the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. We often think of the Word as the Truth of God, but Scripture in this passage says that the Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. A sword in reality will cut, slice, and destroy the enemy. We see Jesus use the Word when He was tempted in the wilderness. He was able to slice, cut, and destroy the enemy. But the Sword is also mounted on the belt, in this allegory the belt is truth. We worship in Spirit and Truth.

Then I was asking the Father, okay, that’s great, but where is the part where the curse is destroyed?!? Then I kept reading… He says: praying always… that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel! Wow, Once we praise, know the truth, cover our hearts with courage by knowing we are in right standing with Yahweh, walk in peace, hold up the faith of truth that covers the darts from the enemy, stand in wholeness and use the Word of God, then HE WILL FILL OUR MOUTHS WITH THE MYSTERY to overcome the curse!!!

The end result is that we are not really warring like we think, with extreme contention and exhaustion. But we are warring by walking in Truth, Peace, and Wholeness. Then we can hear clearly the mysteries of heaven to see the curse destroyed!

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